A new logo, image and powerful graphics were combined to take a new product to market.

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A new high-tech headlamp product called Carbi was developed for the customer by Innou, a product design and innovation agency, to meet the demanding needs of speleology and other sports that require robust and adaptable night lighting that provides a wide field of vision in any situation or condition. A business plan was built that included product development, crowdfunding investment and a go-to-market strategy to launch the product into the market. This included the requirement for new brand image and website to position the brand, its features and benefits towards its target audience.

Brandall Agency Carbi Website Page Design

"We selected Brandall Agency to partner with us because of their ability to deliver quality brand identity and web design. They helped us significantly in delivering a quality service to the customer on time.”​

Toni Parera

CEO & Creative Director


We partnered with Innou, and our brief on the project was to produce a new brand together with a look and feel that would define Carbi as an innovative headlamp product that would be well positioned against its competitors. The first step was to develop a striking logo design and colour palette that would work across all media, and that would be highly recognisable when branded onto the product. In addition, we produced a website to deliver the brand’s core values, key messages, features, benefits and technical specifications. To achieve this, a series of powerful, highly visual features and specifications icons were developed as a key focal point within the website. Graphics, images, interactive elements and videos were added to add further impact.

The product will shortly be launched on Indiegogo as part of the crowdfunding initiative.

Brandall Agency Carbi Logo Identity

"The branding for Carbi gave the product the exact look and feel we wanted to achieve, and together with the website, has positioned the brand very well for our crowdfunding project.”​

Pedro Albaladejo

CEO & Co-founder


The C for Carbi was developed to depict the headlamp technology which was emphasized by the light casting onto the Carbi name. A yellow and black palette was used to bring strength and contrast to the brand that could be used interchangeably on both white and black backgrounds.

Brandall Agency Carbi Branding Design


The high-tech characteristics of the product were portrayed with a powerful and distinctive graphic style that was developed to represent the benefits of the product.

Brandall Agency Project Carbi Field of Vision Icon


Two sets of icons were developed to highlight the products key features and specifications.

Carbi Web Benefits Design


Brandall Agency Project - Carbi Brand Features Icons


Brandall Agency Project - Carbi Brand Specification Icons

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