Creating an effective promotional campaign will lead to new customers, sales leads, social followings and backlinks to your website.

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Online promotion, whether it’s advertising, publicity or email marketing can play a significant role in building your brand presence, whatever your goal, be it brand recognition, lead generation or higher conversion rates on your website.

As online technology, platforms and consumer behaviour continue to develop at a fast pace, we have the right people, skills, and experience that mix creativity with digital innovation to deliver the best possible online promotions for you and your brand. Whether you have a defined promotional strategy that requires execution or are looking to create a specific campaign, we can help you get the best return on investment out of your marketing budget.

Depending on the direction of your digital marketing strategy, we can provide an online promotional mix of inbound and outbound services that will meet your marketing objectives. The first thing is to ensure that the basics are in place, so a fully optimised website, user interface, SEO, plus any relevant promotional add-ons become the foundations of your strategy. We will then work with you to define the contents of a campaign. The use of SEM and PPC on search engines, like Google AdWords is a good way of increasing your website traffic. And where required we will use Dynamic Search Ads to help fill any gaps in your keywords-based campaigns.

To achieve long term growth, social media is a good way of building brand equity, improving customer service, reaching new customers and collecting customer feedback. Combine this with a content marketing strategy focused on creating and distributing valuable, relevant, and consistent content will ensure that you attract and retain a clearly-defined audience and ultimately build recognition, new customers and loyalty to your brand.

Once we have a media campaign plan, our team will work on your branding and messaging to deliver impactful design, copywriting and content that is unique to your brand. We will utilise the latest technologies of voice and video were necessary to appeal, in the right way, to your audience. Furthermore, we will set up KPIs and metrics to measure your brand’s success and include key components including CTR, impressions, CPA and conversions and ROAS.

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