10 steps to successful brand management


10 steps to successful brand management

When you align the needle of a compass to the north, your position becomes clear and your direction can be set. The same principle applies to your brand, and the understanding where you are going, as well as where you have come from become vitally important.

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Brandall Agency Project - Carbi Branding

Crowdfunding product launch and branding for Carbi

Brandall Agency has just developed a new brand logo for Carbi, a new high-tech headlamp company. Partnering with Innou, a product design and innovation agency, to deliver digital marketing services including brand identity, website production and online promotion.

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Brandall Agency How to Create Your Brand

How to Create Your Personal Brand

When it comes to your own personal brand, it’s all about you and your authenticity. That’s everything that you are, everything you aspire to be, and everything that people believe you to be.

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