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Advertising & media

Our job is to deliver integrated marketing campaigns seamlessly through multiple disciplines and multiple channels bringing every element together with a clear set of messages. We do this across all media – wherever it’s printed in a magazine, newspaper or billboard or released across the web and social media – we target where it is needed to achieve the greatest impact. Even if you are looking for a single well thought out piece of advertising, we are here to help you get it right and ensure you achieve the maximum return on your return investment.

Brandall Agency Advertising and Media
Brandall Agency Copywriting


Well written copy is an essential part of any campaign, whether it’s a slogan, headline, or text within a service catalogue. We will work closely with you to understand your brand and key messages, writing copy consistently across all media with the right tone and positioning that matches your identity and engages with your target audience.


We will help define for you an original photographic style that is perfectly aligned to your brand. And we will create exceptional images for your marketing activity and campaigns that inspire your consumers and reproduces beautifully on screen or paper.

Our approach is to work closely with you to understand your business, your market and your product then propose an image style that leverages its values. After we have created the message we will capture the moment and deliver it to you.

Our creative teamwork with a number of photographers that have diverse styles and specialities of work, and we will find a photographer that is right for you and your brand. We can offer a number of specific locations and studios in London, Barcelona or Munich that are ideal for any photo shoot.  

Brandall Agency Art Direction

Art direction

Getting it right on a shoot should be our job, after all we understand what is needed and how to capture the best possible imagery. And we take pride in our in-depth preparation and creativity and it’s important for us to oversee everything to completion. Therefore we have an experienced art director available for every one of our shoots, and even if you use your own photographer, we would like to be involved to ensure a consistent look throughout your image library.


Whether it’s a digital or traditional image that’s required to convey your message, we work with a bunch of talented illustrators that capture what’s needed. Maybe it’s part of a campaign, or it could be just a stand alone piece of work. Whatever the requirement, we will find the right solution for you.

We see many companies invest significantly in marketing, yet when it comes down to a sales meeting with an important customer all of the good work seems to go out of the window. Having professional, distinctive presentations that carry the same messages and look and feel are critical in creating a consistent image throughout the company.

At Brandall, we work with a number of companies, large and small, to create highly impactful presentation slides that add real value to the sales and marketing teams. We also introduce infographic designs which complement your brand image and help convey important information and messages.

Presentations & infographic design

Brandall Agency Infographic Design

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