How to create your brand through design and language that enables you to articulate yourself in a way that will truly resonate with your audience.

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“After searching for the right agency to help me take all of the disparate words and ideas in my head about my brand, I selected David Farthing and Brandall Agency as my brand partner.

Several working sessions later, David turned my brand into an inspirational, passionate, transformational journey that reignited my “why.” This experience exceeded my expectations because I received more than a brand and brand strategy, I have a brand that reflects my true authentic self. And that’s priceless. It’s a 100% accurate digital representation of me – it looks, feels and sounds exactly like me.  From logo design, colors, website to content, I’m completely ecstatic about the end result.

There isn’t a word known to man that can accurately reflect how much I appreciate David and Brandall Agency. Thank you simply doesn’t accurately express the level and depth of gratitude, appreciation and impact. It’s one thing for agencies to have large brand names in their portfolio. That doesn’t tell you about creativity level or talent, it just lets you know they have a good sales team. However, I can say without hesitation, every person behind Brandall Agency team is creative, professional, gifted and extremely talented.

Alas, thank you is the only word I have, so THANK YOU David and Brandall Agency for everything you’ve done. This is just the beginning to a long partnership!”

Yvette Schmitter

For further information on how you can create your personal brand, please visit our personal branding services page. You can also check out our article, how to create your personal brand or download our ebook that will guide you through the step-by-step branding process.

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