Creating a lifestyle brand in a growing and competitive market where differentiation was key to its success.

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Our brief

We were given the opportunity to develop a new brand with a blue-sky approach. The only prerequisite was it had to be original and completely different from existing brands in the market. The brief included coming up with a name that gave meaning to the brand, creating an identity, messaging and copywriting. A comprehensive website, original content, packaging and sales material in preparation for its launch in January 2021. Followed by an advertising campaign to promote the brand.

"Brandall Agency provided Elements with a highly creative and original identity that positioned us as a lifestyle brand and made us stand out extremely well from the competition.”​

Max Alexander Farthing

Founder & CEO

Our solution

We came up with the concept of a lifestyle brand and a name Elements which represented the brand now are where it wanted to go in the future. We created a website full of informative information about CBD and its natural benefits. 

With all the restrictions on CBD, our aim was to remove the stigma associated with cannabis and deliver a brand that represented individuality. We followed this theme throughout for the branding including social media, sales material and an advertising campaign.

In addition, the company wanted to position is broad-spectrum oils for sports so we came up with the name Active, as a distinct subbrand that retained the values of Elements but aimed at sports individuals. The project included:


Moments campaign


We chose earthy colours that gave the brand a natural feel and a logo that depicted the seven leaves of the CBD plant and all its natural substances.

Sales brochures

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