Crowdfunding product launch and branding for Carbi

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Brandall Agency has just designed and developed a new brand logo for Carbi, a new high-tech headlamp company.

The product was developed by two lifelong friends Joaquin Bravo and Pedro Albaladejo to meet the demanding needs of speleology and other sports that require robust and adaptable night lighting that provides a wide field of vision in any situation or condition. Their shared belief was that if limits are to be reached, then they must be reached by the individual and not the equipment. Out of this thinking, Carbi was born, setting new standards in lighting technology.

Based on the initial designs and concepts, Carbi was developed for the customer by Innou, a product design and innovation agency, to prepare the product for market. A business plan was produced that included product development, crowdfunding investment and a go-to-market strategy in preparation for the launch.

As part of the launch, Innou partnered with Brandall Agency to deliver digital marketing services including brand identity, website production and online promotion.

“We selected Brandall Agency to partner with us because of their expertise in brand design and development and quality website design and production. The brand design they produced was truly excellent, and they helped us significantly in delivering a quality product and service to the customer on time.”​
Toni Parera
CEO & Creative Director

The initial requirement was to produce a brand logo that set itself apart from the competition. Following Brandall’s 360 brand management methodology, a new logo was developed together with brand values, key differentiators and messaging to clearly position Carbi promoting its benefits, features and advanced technical capabilities.

Following and development and completion of the brand, the next step was to roll out the design to a website. This included further development of the colour palette, the design of unique feature and specification icons and graphics that would create a high impact look and feel echoing the brand identity. Graphics, images, interactive elements and videos were then added to add further impact. The website was fully optimised with highly responsive UI (user interface) to ensure the best possible user experience. Keywords were thoroughly researched and applied to position the product in the best possible way within the search engine results pages.

As part of the crowdfunding launch, a promotional campaign was developed through social media to encourage people to the website and the Indiegogo launch site.

“The branding for Carbi gave the product the exact look and feel we wanted to achieve, and together with the website, has positioned the brand very well for our crowdfunding project.”​
Pedro Albaladejo
CEO & Co-founder

Brandall Agency Project - Carbi Brand
Brandall Agency Project - Carbi and GoPro
Brandall Agency Project - Carbi
Brandall Agency Project - Carbi App

About Carbi

Carbi is a high-powered, highly versatile headlamp and touch suitable for any sport or activity in any condition. The Carbi headlamp comes packed with a whole host of innovative features including:

  • A robust, lightweight shell that is waterproof and fits with all GoPro accessories, suitable all of sports and activities in any condition.
  • Remote phosphor technology eliminates the tunnel effect and has an adaptable beam from a focused spotlight to an ultra wide-angle floodlight.
  • Superior technology; Bluetooth, feature-rich App and Smart battery providing complete control over all settings.
  • A robust, professional design that takes care of all the details including a single button to operate the controls.
  • Adaptive light with ANT+ connectivity enables variable lighting, from a spotlight to a floodlight, depending on your speed.

For more about the Carbi brand you can visit their website at

If you are interested in developing a crowdfunding project, contact Brandall Agency for further information.

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